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PC crashes while playing ESO?

Soul Shriven
Hey everyone,

I've been having issues with ESO since I bought the game in December 2018. While playing ESO my PC would suddenly crash (this could happen after 4 hours of gameplay but also after only 3 mins). The screen would turn black and I would hear this buzzing sound. The computer would be unresponsive and the only solution was to restart it using the power button. The PC would only crash while playing ESO, though I have to admit I didn’t play much other games besides ESO. However, no other ‘activities’ would cause my PC to crash like this. My computer was brand new at that time.

First I thought the problem was caused by the computer itself. So I stress tested it multiple times using different program’s. No issues were ever detected. At that moment I assumed the problem was caused by the game so I contacted ESO support. They were a great help and we tried multiple solutions over the course of 3 months. I’m not going to list them here but you can assume we tried everything :p At the end they said they detected an issue with windows 10. They suggested I contact Windows Support, which I did. However, Windows Support was of no help at all (surprise surprise....).

At that moment (July) I just did a clean install of windows on my computer. Reinstalled my drivers (Radeon R9 series) and ESO. After that the game worked absolutely fine; I had no crashes and the game ran super smooth. Last week, with the new patch, my PC started crashing again while playing ESO…

I reinstalled windows once again hoping that this was once again the solution. However, it was not… The crashes keep occurring. I am no computer expert at all so that’s why I’m reaching out here on the forums. Maybe there are some experts lurking around here that could help me? :p

It seems to me there is a buildup of microproblems in my PC or ESO (though I highly doubt that) that suddenly reaches a threshold thereby causing my PC to crash this way.

Would love to hear your solutions/theories!

Thx in advance!
  • ZOS_RikardD

    I would just like to confirm something with you first. When this was initially occurring before you reinstalled windows, ESO would crash, then entire computer would be unresponsive and you would hear a buzzing sound coming from the hardware, is that correct?

    This does sounds like it could be related to hardware issues or issues with your windows installation or drivers for your hardware.

    When you experience crashes with ESO now, does it occur in the same way it did before?

    If it does not, and ESO provides you with an error and closes, please let us know what that error is. If you are just experiencing a crash to desktop and you are still able to use your PC and start ESO again, make sure to try our troubleshooting steps for crashing here, if you have not already.
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  • Heatnix90
    Oh hey someone else who's been having hard crashes/BSODs while playing ESO. Mine have gotten worse this past week and they usually only happen when playing ESO. I can play Destiny 2 for hours and not have any crashes.
    Heatnix - NA/PC
    Retired, Unsubbed
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