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Cannot enter battleground - twice in a row

twice in a row, this is getting quite annoying.

The pattern is:

You queue for battlegrounds
You get the ready check, you hit ready
You go to loading screen, and you remain stuck in loading screen for about 5 minutes
After about 5 minutes, you get ported back to your original location, and you get the message "cannot enter battleground" at the top right of your screen

Heck, I had a 150% scroll rolling because I level up my alts doing battlegrounds. Considering queue, loading screen, requeue, loading screen again, etc. I lost about half an hour of it.
  • jao0199
    Yeah same here.
  • Lady_Linux
    i thought bg was disabled. has it been enabled again? or at least the group finder for bg?
    I simply must protest. There are no Penguin avatars for me to use in the forums.

    BTW, I use arch too
  • mandricus
    The group Finder it's on. It was redesigned to correct some of the problems the old group finder had, but I'm starting to think that the old one was better. Think about the new system of putting you in a bg anyway, regardless of the full group is formed or not. You risk to go there, stay 5 mins, get booted out of bg because there are not enough players. You requeue, the same thing can happen. You risk of losing half an hour just to queue. With the old system (which had it's flaws, of course), you could at least play the game in the meantime.
    Edited by mandricus on November 1, 2019 9:24PM
  • Dimmit
    It just wont let me in today. 4 times at least, never made it to a battleground
  • mandricus
    This is getting really annoying. Having to stare at a loading screen for 5 minutes it's quite irritating.
  • SHANKS_63
    You are not alone. Same happened to me for about 1.5 hours tonight until I gave up.
  • Canned_Apples
    only reason why I play this game.............................
  • ZOS_BillE
    We are closing this thread since there are multiple threads ongoing regarding this issue. As posted here, we are aware of some issues queuing for Battlegrounds, and are actively working on getting these fixed. You can continue discussion in the thread below.

    infinite loading screens - BGs.
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