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How to earn gold during festivals

First way.

You can get 7 gold festivals boxes each day for bosses, dolmens, delves and others. Open its and sell gold style pages with festival orders.

Second way.

This way is more interest and profit. I use it for 2 years in game. You find cheap orders and style pages in guild merchants, buy it and resell its with high prices.
For this way you need:
1) Addons: Awesome Guild Store, Tamriel Trade Centre, Master Merchant or Arcadius Trade Centre
2) You have to be a member of GOOD trade guilds with merchants in right places. TOP places are Belkart (Craglorn) and Vivek (Vvardenfell). In another places your selling will be poor.

Your actions is very simple. You have to find cheap festival items in guild merchants in bad places. There are many people who dont know real cost of festival items and sell it with very cheap. Awesome Guild Store addon will show you % of profit that you could get. Also you can use site of Tamriel Trade Centre for this way. Then you buy its and resell its in your guilds with merchants in Belkart and Vivec.

During festivals in ESO you could earn more than one milllion gold. Dont miss this shance. Think and became rich!

P/s I am sorry for my possible mistakes in english.

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  • buttaface
    Can't get on board with flipping festival items, it's understandable in the base game at other times though. Cheezy and gougy during festivals IMO. YMMV.

    How to make money during the Witch's Festival? Run Deshaan, Bangkorai or Mal Tor dolmens. All are a fast circuit with one dolmen that requires a 15-20 second ride, all are being pugged permanently or near permanently, all drop a plunder skull every 3 minutes or so, all can drop nice purple salable jewelry. Stay away from the masses on Alikr Dolmens, junk sets, no market.

    Bonus? Great for leveling new characters or putting new skills on old ones. Dolmens are usually inefficient, crappy ways to level stuff. But add a universal 100% exp bonus and all the login scrolls together and suddenly the exp gets nice in addition to the loot. You can have one buffing bar and one skill leveling bar and just put buffs/debuffs and then ranged LA mobs to death soaking all exp into the leveling bar.

    Got friends who are decent at the game? Speed run low normal dungeons, skull a minute or so. But no real sell loot. Great if you wanted a set from there.

    Have done very well during the Witches Festival just selling unneeded dupes of festival items, recipes and Dolmen drops.
  • kylewwefan
    First 2 or 3 days you could had made gold. Now, the market is flooded with festival stuff. The banks can’t take anymore even.
    I prefer to earn money by buying and reselling festival items. Just run from dolmen to dolmen or pass delves - is not interest for me to do the same every day.

    Yes, festival items now are very cheap and profit decrease, but I still continue to earn by reselling festival orders. Yesterday I bought orders on 50k and resell its on 80k. Profit was 30k.

    Style pages are not profitable now cause its prices are low 1k
  • UrbanMonk
    The thing about making gold is, that you do whatever you like to do in game and eventually you come across items which have a larger gold value in market. For example, I like doing PVP and every day I get about 10-15 reward of the worthy mails. Compounded over a month I end with 300-400 of them easily. And it just so happens I usually get 2 or 3 spell strategist inferno. That's easy 100k gold each. Similar for PVE, if you like running trials, you can always get those plunders and it's easy 30-50 k gold if you do 2 or more runs in a evening.
    I could go on for other methods too but like I said, important is to do what you enjoy in the game. Chasing gold will only get stale and then you feel burned out.
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