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Dragonstar arena PC EU help


I'm a casual player with no friends in ESO but I would like to find people that can do this dungeon and in some way carry me... I know but sadly because of my kind of life with kids, work and everything I just can't allow me spend so much time in a game.

I can only add that whatever guild or team that can help me get the weapons I need (traits I can change later) will be remunerated with whatever we arrange.
  • LadySinflower
    The first day of the event I went into craglorn zone chat and asked for people to run dragonstar with me. It was my first time in dragonstar. This was late at night / off peak time but it only took about ten minutes to gather a group. Try it first on normal. We ran through on normal and it really wasn't difficult. Get someone to explain each stage as you go into it or see if you can find a video. I'm CP680. I don't know what level your toon is but on normal this arena isn't hard to do. So they shouldn't have to carry you. On vet it might be a different story. I don't know.
  • Nucklez
    If you haven't been able to try it yet, give it a shot. This one isn't bad. My wife and I was able to duo the normal version during this Witches Festival event, we didn't have any trouble until the final boss. Took us about 10 wipes to finally figure him out. I'm ~CP730 and she is ~CP650. I'm Mag DK and she is Mag Necro, both DPS specced. I did read the guide on Alcast's site between each round to give us a heads up what to look out for.

    The second time, we pulled our son through it as a fresh level 30, no CP as a stam Templar DPS. His DPS alone sped things up considerably, we got the last boss on the 2nd try on that run. He was still alive at the end even. He had the event XP buff, and an XP scroll. He was level 37 when we finished the arena.
    Edited by Nucklez on October 29, 2019 3:30PM
  • teladoy
    But in normal mode you get no weapons right?
  • fred4
    No weapons in normal mode, correct, unlike Blackrose Prison. A guy offered vDSA carries on PC EU in zone chat a while ago. Price: 800K. Him and his friends do everything, then swap you in at the end and you get all the weapons. No guarantee you get the drops you want, though.
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