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[PC/NA/EP] The Grand Finale: Kaalgrontiid (The biggest player made event in ESO.)

Brought to you by the Official Ebonheart Pact Discord. (Details of the discord will be in zone during the Campaign)

Today Ide like to publicly announce a faction wide event for the North America Ebonheart Pact members. EP loyalists, Tri faction hoppers, and Team Green snakes that want to feed us AP, come and join us for this Campaign the leaders of the Ebonheart Pact will be giving out millions upon millions of gold for all members of the Ebonheart Pact for our events listed below!

We have been on tour for MONTHS going campaign to campaign gathering the Ebonheart’s finest to bring our faction together, and its all been leading to this, The Grand Finale: Kaalgrontiid. If you want to earn your fame as a guild or an individual now is the time, we have events for all kinds of players who support our faction in 30-day-standard! Details below.

Oct 17th: The Ebonheart Emperor

For every Unique Emperor of the Ebonheart Pact crowned in Kaalgrontiid, we will be awarding them with 500,000 gold and a permanent discord rank of “Ebonheart Emperor” to show off to the entirety of the Ebonheart pact! In addition, The first Singular guild to reach 3 Emperors in the same guild, the GM will be crowned “God Emperor” rank in the Discord and 1,000,000 gold! This event lasts until the end of the campaign. (Disclaimer: “God Emperor” claims will be checked via Shissu’s Roster addon to check if the emperor was apart of the guild before the campaign)

Oct 27th: Top Defender Award

To whomever guild holds a keep not apart of our factions homeland the longest with their guild name on it. Their Guild Master will be given the title “Top Defender” in the discord and Half of the remaining event fund. (Disclaimer: Guilds claiming ownership must be done via Discord in the #30-day-standard channel of your map with time shown and your cursor hovering over the keep with your guild. All guilds are responsible for keeping their own time and recapping will be vigilantly monitored.) This event lasts till the end of the campaign.

Nov 6th: The Guildslayer

To whoever can post the highest Killing blows on a kill tracker started after Nov 6th will be awarded the title “Guildslayer” in the discord and half of the remaining event fund. Deaths do not matter, kill whoever you wish however you wish, but remember there is only one Guildslayer. Post a picture of your kill tracker to #30-day-standard in the discord before or upon the end of the event. This event lasts until the end of the campaign.

And many many more spontaneous events, like random gold bounties placed on members of the opposing faction, awards for scroll runners and feats of strength, and realtime shoutouts to all outstanding members of our faction via discord!

Guilds funding/sponsoring the event:

Condemned Vae-Victis Dreadlords Stolen Sweetroll Dark Oasis

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