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EHT — Guestbook signing help

I have loved being able to tour other players’ open houses with EHT and made the additional installment to be able to sign others’ guestbooks. However, my signature is not showing up, not when I reload the UI and not whenever I check back more than a week later. Is there some setting or something I may have to change? I thought I did see my signature in a guestbook soon after installing.

It isn’t a huge deal, certainly, but others might be having this problem, and then those with open houses may think no one has come to see their work when that is not the case.
  • R_K
    Hi @ErinM31 ! From what you are describing, it sounds as though the Essential Housing Community app may not be installed or it may be blocked by firewall or virus scanner software (which happens a lot - I never shelled out the money for a certificate for the app so it gets flagged by a number of scanners). (Also, players will sometimes have accidentally deactivated the necessary EssentialHousingCommunity add-on that's bundled with EHT - so check that that's enabled as well)

    I have a tutorial video for performing the one-time Community App installation on both Windows:


    as well as on Mac:


    Please don't hesitate to reach out here or on the Housing forum if you run into any issues. :)
  • Araneae6537
    @R_K thank you! I did follow your tutorial to install and as far as I can tell Avast hasn’t flagged it or disabled it or anything. I can see others’ names in the Open House journal and when I click to sign, it says that my signature has been recorded (but that others won’t see it until I relog or /reloadui). I do not see my signing, neither having just signed it and reloaded UI nor from several weeks ago — I am supposed to see my own signature in the journal, right? I also checked my addons settings in ESO and the Community App is enabled. Looking through Settings > Addons, I see that “Hide Guest Journals that you have signed” is ON so it must be that somehow my signature isn’t being recorded but I am at a loss as to where to look next or what to try to fix the problem. 🤔
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