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No event tickets

Completed World Boss and quest in Northern Elseweyr
Killed a dragon in Northern Elseweyr
Completed Sunspire (Normal) complete.
No event tickets.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  • LeHarrt91
    Had you already received your tickets for the day? within the last 24hrs?
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    Have played all classes.
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  • FatalDarkness
    Yes. I've hardly even logged on all weekend. I asked around guild and it sounds like I might not be alone but still working on definitive confirmation. Last event tickets I received were Friday, 10/4.
    Edited by FatalDarkness on October 8, 2019 1:20AM
  • VaranisArano
    Just remember that the event tickets can drop from any random mob. So if you killed other things before the WB and didn't loot them, that might be what happened to the event tickets.

    On the other hand, you can still contact Support if you think you are missing tickets. I missed my tickets on Friday because ESO became unresponsive during my first dragon fight. I used the Ask for Help function to make a report so I got a email response, and had to go back and forth with Support to clarify my issue, but they were able to refund my two missing tickets.

    Good luck!
  • npuk
    I've had the same issue, had tickets drop Friday circa 9pm, taking me to 10 tickets, then killed dragons on an off until 2:30 AM, Saturday afternoon brought the pet and my balance dropped to 0, then killed some more dragons 10pm-12am and no tickets dropped until Sunday night, 48 hours after my last one.
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