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Mag Sorc Build

Newish player trying to figure out my build playing Dark Elf Mag Sorc CP293, having lots of problems.
My main question atm is regarding Health. I know my gear is not great as so far I've only been leveling. I look at what seems a good site, on there I see a shot of his stats with a max Health of 20642, I look at my health and it's 12629 which is useless, I even have 5 Attribute points put into health whereas Alcast has none. Looking at his gear options I see none that contributes health, no health enchants mentioned, so where is all that health coming from? Or perhaps, what am I doing wrong for mine to be so low?
  • RebornV3x
    He has a food buff depending on build a max health/mag food
    Xbox One - NA GT: RebornV3x
    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • El_Borracho
    Like @RebornV3x said, he is getting almost 6K health from food. But you can play around with it depending on gear you run. I've run a petsorc based off of Alcast's build and I've put 10 points into my health with that one as I get a TON of magicka from everything else in the build. Just wanted to get my health to 22K with food for more survivability against some one-shots.
  • Vanos444
    It's your CP!
    You get a boost in stats by x% with the help of CP.
  • AcadianPaladin
    My magsorc also has around 12k health naked with all 64 attributes in magicka. That gets buffed up into my comfort zone (18-20k) or so from the following:

    Wearing 5 light, 1 medium, 1 heavy piece of armor for the Undaunted Mettle passive.
    Blue health + mag food (savory).
    Health boost from having a summoned pet (Daedric Summoning passive).
    Perhaps 1 boost to health from a set bonus or possibly enchanting one large piece of armor with health.
    PC NA (PvE)
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