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How do you keep those f stam classes alive in BGs

i like to play a stambuild but i cant keep them alive. They SUCK in my hands. This is BG only. I dont care for world. BG is its own thing. 99% of the builds i see from known build creators are usless is BGs due to the stupid debuff of recovery (what a freakin bad idea that is. whats the damn purpose other than getting ppl bored).
Sets equal to what i use on my mag classes just blows in NO-CP BG on stam builds. Bone pirate, Sevents, Fury, Briarheart, Bloodspawn, Trollking, Eternal hunt are some of the combinations ive tried. Unless i play 5 medium/fortified im squicy as paper. Heavy fury and im out of stam before i get anybuddy to half hp. I am CONSTANTLY out of stamina even with bone pirate and blood spawn and my weapon damage is just around 2k unless i want to play with 10k resist, as is my recovery.
In BGs its almost always 4v4v4 in groups. Not very often am i playing 1v1 or 2 inside a BG and if i charge into 4 ppl with my group, im dead in 1-2 sec. Vigor hardly ticks 2 times before i drop from 25k hp to 0. On my mag classes i can freakin eat Zan and Meteors and Barrage, Dizzy and whats not without really being in trouble. I can role, shield and heal and cast some more... i can understand how a stamblade with cloak can get a score of 22-4. But not the rest. From what i see they must be playing with 30k resist, 3k+ weapon dmg and 2000 recovery in BGs. and how the hell are any getting that in BGs?! Someone know some *** i dont thats for sure! :s

Also... i cant be the only one constantly seeing a 30-2 score NB or two in the BG? are we just not talking about this? is this balanced? :#
Edited by festher on October 6, 2019 1:36PM
  • MurderMostFoul
    BGs have 4 players per team, 4v4v4.

    For Stam characters, try one defense set and one offensive set. Try to get to about 1800 Stam regen until you are comfortable.

    Don't expect to survive in the middle of an AOE happy enemy ball group. Use mobility as your primary means of survival.
    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
  • susmitds
    If the stamblades are the usual high scorers in your BG, you are pretty low on the MMR range and it is a learning curve issue rather than necessarily a build issue.
  • festher
    susmitds wrote: »
    If the stamblades are the usual high scorers in your BG, you are pretty low on the MMR range and it is a learning curve issue rather than necessarily a build issue.

    So i guess i just have to learn how to survive 25k dmg in 1-2 sec. Why didnt i know this before... sigh!
  • ChunkyCat
    Stamblades? lulwut
  • Vapirko
    Not possible. Stam iz god mode. Quick @FearlessOne_2014 help this guy out.

    All joking aside. Stamina can be tricky to get used to coming from mag builds especially in BGs and especially coming from a ranged build. Why? A couple of reasons. 1) at low MMR you’re not likely to get a lot of support from your team so you will find yourself alone and surrounded especially by a better or coordinated group 2) Melee stam means you gotta go in and commit to the attack instead of baiting people at range 3) It’s also easier for an uncoordinated group to sit back and use ranged attacks together than it is for those people to move in together especially inexperienced players.

    This build won’t be quite as good next patch but my basic go to build for BGs stam is 5 med 2 heavy fortified brass and bone pirates with warrior mundus and all infused damage jewelry. I use Selena’s or Skoria or sliemcraw on that but you could go bloodspawn if you want more protection. This should easily net you over 4K weapon damage always with a nirnhoned weapon. Maul might be best in BGs. Once you get more comfortable you could switch out brass fro a damage set if you want. But I find this build to have plenty of punch. Medium gives the cost reduction you’ll want. Also roll dodge away from Zaan, remember to block meteors. They shouldn’t do any damage to you. Also practice your vigor canceled by roll dodge. This gives you a tick of vigor that’s protected from most incoming damage. Lastly you must learn to how to kite and LoS in BGs. It’s got an entirely different flow from open world. Really work on not over extending.
    Edited by Vapirko on October 6, 2019 2:05AM
  • Iskiab
    Stam is definitely tricky to get used to, I do well as mag and have always struggled as stam.

    Like you’ve noticed you don’t need to be in a high damage spec to kill people. Devote one set to defense, one set to offense and one set to sustain. Stay with your group.

    Put vigor on your front bar and use it like a buff always having it up when you’re engaged. Make sure you have an aoe ability for NBs to pop them out of stealth. Keep your buffs up; which means cycle between buffing and attacking and get your kill and disengage, buff, then go offensive again.

    In pvp you’re sort of a tank, healer and dps in one package. If you don’t heal yourself or are tanky enough for the healing to be effective you’re going to have a rough time.
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  • Thogard
    Being in the right place at the right time is 90% of being good at Stam dps in BGs.

    Magicka is pretty easy to play, comparatively.
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  • BaiterOfZergs
    Think stam is overall much easier to play in terms of staying alive, the ability to use speed, dodging and los is unmatched really. Those are the things that keep you alive rather than just heals.

    Stam and magic is all the same to me overall. Think the biggest learning curve for stam is knowing how to heal, sounds simple but it isn’t. Once you get over that hump I feel your perspective will change.
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