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Stuck with quests in Daggerfall

Im doing cadwells silver and i just saved the king (hooray who didn't) but now i dont cant find quests anymore i have been there before took a couple quests to try them and deleted them later on .
Anyone ca help me please ?
  • Nestor
    Open up the Zone Guide and you can have it show you the next step or quest. If you completed all 5 zones for the Silver Alliance, you probably need to go back to the Harborage for your Alliance. The guide should show you that.
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  • BloodyLady
    Thanks for the answer
  • method__01
    you can check all the needed quests by going to journal-quests-Cadwell's almanac
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  • BloodyLady
    Cool thank you its been over 3 and half year since i played the last time , and i am forgotten the most of it thank you guys.
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