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Crown gem exclusives need to stop

I just saw that the Pocket Watcher is a crown gems exclusive. This annoys me, I was looking forward to getting this. Can you guys please get rid of crown gem exclusives and just make these things available to purchase as normal instead?
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  • Dalsinthus
    It’s sad when one has to buy crowns to buy crates to get duplicates to convert them to gems to accumulate enough gems to buy the thing you want. Gems are in game currency derived from purchases made with in game currency purchased with real world money. Try explaining that to someone unfamiliar with the game. It doesn’t make for a good user experience at all but I guess it makes ZOS money so [shrug].
  • ErinM31
    It aggravates me as well and the Crown Gem items aren’t even giftable (I was going to see if I could arrange a trade for an item I wanted). I guess it must make enough people buy tons of crates... But I won’t because I want to pay for what I want, not RNG and potentially be stuck with some over-the-tip glowy firey ridiculous mount or mutant skin!!! :angry: I hate that things I would like to buy are locked behind buying Crates and it just makes me more set against buying them. :unamused: ZOS knows I will pay real money for things I like and I really wish that the costumes, hairstyles, pets, etc. available for Crowns rotated like the Gem items do. It doesn’t have to be the same stuff or even new stuff. That would make me happy.
    Edited by ErinM31 on October 3, 2019 5:04PM
  • PopotoSalad
    I like FF14's cash shop. Most of the stuff is old event items, which they put up for sale after a year has passed. There are some store exclusive mounts and outfits, but the vast majority of cosmetic items are earned/crafted in-game.
  • Minyassa
    I still haven't forgiven them for making me miss out on the Infernium Dwarven Spider. I will hold that grudge until the end of time.
  • Dusk_Coven
    Dalsinthus wrote: »
    It’s sad when one has to buy crowns to buy crates to get duplicates to convert them to gems to accumulate enough gems to buy the thing you want.

    My impression of Crown Gems is they are a level of exclusivity above Crown Crate items. When you are a high roller and spend a lot of Crowns on Crates, you will accumulate a lot of Gems "naturally", so when Crown Gem items come up, you can buy that level of exclusivity in items. And in that indirect way show off your status as a whale.

    Except that people can now put muted ZOS twitch streams in the background while they continue playing the game, and collect as many as 10 Crates afterwards to convert into gems. It's like one ZOS department missed the memo from the other ZOS department.
    Edited by Dusk_Coven on October 5, 2019 10:04AM
  • Raideen
    Starlock wrote: »
    LadyAstrum wrote: »
    It's abysmal on ZoS's part, but it's all about those profits! I absolutely enjoy ESO, but there's a reason I can only stomach it for a few months at a time before I have to take a break and play something else.

    I suppose burying items behind "crown exclusives" is a way of bypassing the charge of gambling crates. Their defence is that you're not gambling to accrue the required gems, but they are encouraging players to buy crap they don't want just to get to get to what they do want.

    "Sir, you want a popping candy-coated chocolate bar? Well, you need to buy thirty boxes of honey-soaked raisins first and maybe, if you're lucky, you'll collect enough gems to buy that chocolate bar. If not, keep flashing the cash until you do. It's only money."

    I doubt this is why gem exclusives were created. They were probably created because Zenimax has gone down the unfortunate road of demanding ever-increasing profit margins from quarter to quarter. All that matters is making more money than they did last quarter. They will use whatever means they can get away with legally to make that happen, ranging from exploiting flaws in the tax code to downsizing the workforce in spite of record profits. And, of course, they'll try to exploit as much cash from their players as possible by coercing them into the cash shop. Never mind that perpetual growth is inherently unsustainable and will cause them to crash and burn in the near future. Never mind that incorporating more and more unethical and predatory microtransactions destroys the company's reputation and player goodwill. The investors don't care because when this bubble bursts, they'll sell it off and leave it in shambles while they take their billions elsewhere. Which is a damn shame, because this is a good game.

    On the plus side, there are still plenty of game developers who remember what it really means to make a good game instead of obsessively fixating on ever-increasing profits.

    From the way I read her post, she is saying the same thing you are.
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