Upcoming Impresario stock disappointment

I was really hoping for the opportunity to spend some of my event tickets on furnishings again during the upcoming Dragon Rise Event. I am currently holding 12 and therefore cannot receive any more until I have spent some, however I don't want the Onyx Indrik (which means I have no interest in the Onyx pet either). I already have the Abnur Tharn and Cadwell style pages, and a Nascent Indrik waiting to be upgraded to the Pure-Snow Indrik, which I do want.

I suppose I could spend 10 Event Tickets on one Indrik feather, but I don't particularly want a Nascent Indrik even if it were numerically possible for me to accumulate the other three feathers in addition to the four Pure-Snow Berries, which are my priority, before the year of the Indrik draws to a close. (Incidentally, I would not even entertain the idea of buying Event Tickets from the Crown Store.)

Has there been some oversight on the part of ZOS here? I cannot be the only player in this situation and yet the incentive to contribute to what is being heavily promoted as a chance to work together as a community on behalf of animal welfare is negated by the lack of useful or appealing ways to spend our Event Tickets if we don't want the Onyx Indrik.

Please could you rethink this? @ZOS_ginabruno, @ZOS_JessicaFolsom
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