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vBRP first run healer tips

Hi everyone! This Friday I’m hoping to run veteran black rose for the first time and my group wants me to heal/play support. Just wondering if anyone had some advice/ decent healing guides I could check out. Was thinking of running Hircines Veneer (both dps are stam) and either sanctuary or spc (would be choosing spc over olo because I’ve heard there’s a looot of movement in the arena and it seemed easier to proc with radiating regen.) still not sure what monster set, possibly Sentinal or Symphony to help with sustain. Just a bit nervous and looking for any and all advice people can give! Thanks!

Edit: I probably should have labeled this as discussion as opposed to question, my mistake.
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Best Answers

  • Major_Lag
    I've only done nBRP so far with a 4DD run, but I can confirm that there is A LOT of movement involved during the add phases.
    For that reason, Grand Healing isn't quite as widely useful in BRP as it is in other, more stationary fights - especially since Scalebreaker update limited it to only a single AoE at a time.

    Based on what I've seen in nBRP, you probably want to bring Radiating Regen and Ritual of Retribution (or a similar class ability from non-Templar classes) as your main heals over time, supplemented with a suitable burst heal (Templar BoL, Sorc Matriarch, etc.).

    Every time a new round begins, your resources are all refilled to 100%. So sustain is less of an issue if the group DPS is otherwise good, since you can safely "overextend" and drain your resource pool(s) almost completely by the end of each round, knowing that a free refill is incoming.

    BTW, from what my guildies told me, vBRP features many oneshot mechanics. IIRC, the crocodile enemies have oneshot attacks on vet, too.

    Edit: SPC+Hircine's sounds like a workable combination - actually, the extra stam regen from Hircine's can be quite useful for dealing with BRP mechanics. I say, go for it.

    For monster set, Symphony would be probably better here, since it's insensitive to positioning.
    Sentinel looks better on paper, but it might be hard to get maximum benefit from it, especially during the add phases.
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  • Mickydanz
    If you are going for a clear, use barrier a lot, even on the dps if needed its easy mode.
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  • Juhasow
    Olorime will be fine it lasts 30 seconds and cooldown is 10 seconds so there is plenty of time for Your allies to refresh it before it expires.
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  • Wheresthetea11
    Thanks everyone for the feedback!
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  • FakeFox
    BRP certainly allows for a lot of healing and support optimization, to the point where you can play with a hybrid healer/DD, however can be incredibly punishing and hard to heal if you or the group don't know what they are doing.
    For the beginning I absolutely recommend, running a build with high healing and unlimited sustain, as you want to be prepared for minutes of just spamming heals should things go really bad. With a inexperienced group you are very likely to end up healing your group through tons of avoidable mechanics, so stacking multiple HOTs (Regeneration, Springs, Ritual, etc.) and having additionally some strong, ideally smart target, burst healing works great. You might also want to actively use barrier as your ultimate. For gear I started out with Earthgore, Olorime and Mending and then progressively moved to more offensive setups.

    Apart from that not getting killed is of course essential. BRP has tons of one shot mechanics but also high consistent damage, you want to stay out of corners and at some distance to enemies, so you have room to react and move. Don't panic and do dumb things, stay together as a group and avoid unnecessary movement. There is no use to someone running across the whole arena to bash some channeling mob and dying in the process, just stay stacked, heal through and move thoughtful.
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