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Z'en's Redress: How to use it as a Healer in Veteran Trials

Hello everyone! This video will discuss the new debuff set, "Z'en's Redress," how to effectively use it as a healer in veteran trials, and furthermore, a beneficial thought process you can put into practice when it comes to making the skill choices to find the bar space for using Z'en to its maximum potential.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to post them here or in the comments section of my video, and I'll answer as quickly as possible. :)

Platform: PC/NA
Guild: Mechanically Challenged

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Godslayer by Mechanically Challenged
  • Froil
    Other classes could use this since you're using three non-class skills, a glyph proc's debuff and one class skill, so long as they have a single target DoT ability...
    Templars, as shown, use Sunfire.
    Wardens could use, with the Dragonhold patch especially, Fetcher Flies, which also applies Minor Vulnerability, making IA unnecessary.
    Sorcerers might be able to get 5% with Summon Storm Atronach if its attack counts; testing would need to be done but would be a fairly low 5% uptime and probably better off using Warhorn/Barrier.
    Dragonknights could use Searing Strike.
    Nightblades could use Lotus Fan, if that DoT component is counted as single target, and applies Minor Vulnerability, and Cripple.
    But this couldn't be kept up at 5% easily with Necromancers, as they seem to lack a class based single target DoT.
    Edited by Froil on September 30, 2019 8:06PM
    "Best" healer PC/NA
    My characters
    Ta'asi -- Stamina Templar
    Ta'joeri -- Tank Warden
    Ta'varri -- Tank Nightblade
    Ta'ezri -- Stamina Dragonknight

    Ysrett -- Healer Templar
    Cheyren -- Healer Warden
    Alleyo -- Healer Nightblade
    Myreszs -- Healer Sorcerer
    Jyvekk -- Healer Dragonknight

    Falio -- Tank Sorcerer
    Theophanaea -- Tank Necromancer
    Visthaltsei -- Healer Necromancer
  • FrancisCrawford
    Do Crusher and Weakening glyphs proc Z'en?

    A case could be made for a healer running both of those anyway.
    Edited by FrancisCrawford on September 30, 2019 8:17PM
  • Nightingale707
    No. Neither crusher nor weakening apply a DoT. Flame glyphs proc bruning and poison enchants proc poisoned - both are DoTs and count towards it.

    You also do not neccessarily need a class skill to be able to keep up 5% I am doing just fine on a Sorc without a class skill, there are enough ST DoTs available in this game (reach/clench, entropy, rune, trap, soultrap makes 5 totally unrelated to classes)
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