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Ad on PS4 eu since change from vivec

What happened to ad since campaign changed from vivec? For months we were winning, constantly holding scrolls and most keeps, highest population. Now we lose, rarely got scrolls and the only way we get keeps near enemies base is waiting for enough players to Zerg down a faction. What happened?
  • NomNomFabbo
    Soul Shriven
    I see the same thing every evening: AD holds a good ammount of castles and scrolls. Arround 23:00 AD players go offline and blue teams go online and take everything and take the points over night. End of the story.

    What I am more concerned about is that red and blue run together to stomp and farm AD. I saw that in multiple situations now. Let's say AD holds NIkel's outpost and reds attack that. The is a group of blues involed that does only attack AD players. Even in terms of taking the outpost. Reds run up the stairs on the right side and blues on the left. Looks like a guild with players from red and blue.
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