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Daily Alchemy and Provisioner

A few days ago, as I was doing dailies, my daily provy writ do-er quit working. Like it worked on one toon, but never again since. Today, daily alchemy quit working half way through writs.
I deleted and reinstalled both (and variables)
turned off all add ons then only those two.
No changes. Any thoughts. Nothing changed in my system between the toons that it worked for and those it stopped working for.
  • Fiewiel
    Under c:\users\username\documents\elder scrolls online\live\savedvariables\*
    there should be a filename something like yourdailywritdoeraddon.lua move this to a save place.
    This will reset this addon to newly installed. Now try again.
    If you already did this (I see you deleted variables) and it didnt worked the only other thing I can think off, is that there is a difference between the two chars, so in the character screen -> press add-ons -> you have a list of addons available for the current character.
    If there is not a difference between the two chars than Im out of ideas and someone other with more knowledge should step in.

    I also remember that I had problems on a char to get an addon going. INGAME under esc -> addons the addon didnt showed up. But on the characer list the addon was present. One of the prerequisite libs did missing and there was no indication on the character screen that something was missing. I managed to find the missing lib and install it which let the addon work again.
    Short: Check that the addon is present ingame and do not rely on red, missing flags in the charselection. Check manually.
    Edited by Fiewiel on September 27, 2019 4:52PM
  • mystfit
    I will check to see that I have all the right libs and such, thanks!

    I should have mentioned but didn't that after the add on 'broke' halfway through my alt hops, it was then broken on all alts. Is if toon A did it when it was working, after it stopped on alt C, it was now broken on alt A.

    Oddly, daily alchemy started working again after a few days, though provy is still down for the count.
  • ErinM31
    Provisioning doesn’t seem to work on any of my characters (except to pick up the daily writ and then turn in and auto-open bags) while the other crafts work fine (except don’t know about Alchemy as I have that off because I prefer to choose which reagents are used).
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