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Looking for a player focused guild that doesn't charge any dues?

MerchantAndMercs was established to help players succeed on The Elder Scrolls Online. We have dedicated officers and members that have been there since day one! and continuing to grow. We help players with gear, builds, vet content, daily pledges whether you need them completed on vet or normal, Have a donation-based trader for the ones who would also like to sell there goods, NO KICK FOR UNDERCUTTING , full guildhall that all members have access to, craft house with main Mundus stones, and we are working on our PvE/PVP hall where all dummies can be found etc, duels, tournaments, raffles, auctions (in the future). If you are at all interested please contact any of our officers or myself for an invite.

Guild Master - Next_Mr_Big
High Council - igotmojo63
High Council - LellitonStars
High Council - LACYJ915
High Council - Houdini__himself
Council - D3M0N1CWOLFG1IRL
  • nextmrbig
    We are an extremely helpful guild, nonelitist group of players, starting to build our progression groups for trail runs, win a trader almost weekly, offer our members the best experience possible. We have monthly kicks for inactive members, we encourage members to use chat, currently holding a raffle that ends on the 6th of October!
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