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350+ Members, Vet Dungeon and Trial guild without the pressure - Whispering Fang Syndicate

Hello all,

Through my time in Tamriel, I've learned that plenty of folks are interested in mastering harder dungeon content and making their way into trials, but some of them avoid joining a guild because they're worried about the pressure or requirements. Simply put, nobody wants to jump into a trial and let anyone down or feel like they aren't putting up enough DPS, etc. We're proud of our guild's reputation for encouraging people to challenge themselves at their own pace, conquering new content without the pressure and rigor that might otherwise discourage them.

Simply put, Whispering Fang Syndicate is 350+ members, filled with active people who run daily pledges, random dungeons, vet and hardmode DLC challenges, and trials. We hold weekly "teaching" trials where we explain each fight for newcomers, and we hold quicker runs during the week designed to help people gear up. We're running vSS tonight, and pushing into more veteran trial territory. Many of us PvP as well, and we have an active 500 member trading "sister" guild (Whispering Fang Bazaar). The community is very tight-knit, with active discord and plenty of events.

If you'd like to keep tackling harder content without too much pressure, or if you are a power player who enjoys helping others move up in playing ability, there's likely a place for you in Whispering Fang Syndicate. Join us, and you'll never have to bother with random dungeon queues or fake tanks dropping group after the first death again! Applications can be found in the guild finder, or you can message me at @SquawkTheMajestic with a brief re-cap of your role, level and interests in the guild.

  • edmundpoh
    Soul Shriven
    Hi. I am from Singapore. Max cp ps4 eu most classes. Both pvp/pve. Switch to pc na recently cause lag is getting unbearable and also time zone different making hard to find guild running trails. Currently level 150 stamplar ebonpact.
    Appreciate invite if suitable. Cheers. No discord at the moment.
    UserID @iceman888.

  • SquawkTheMajestic
    Hey there, mail me in game please so I don't forget when I'm at the computer. 360 members right now.
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