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If there are Shadow-Scales...

Are there "Sun-Scales"?
  • Iccotak
    this is a serious lore question btw - we see ruins called Sun-Scale Xanmeer so is there a Sun-Scale organization?
    Is it still around maybe more in service in the heart of Black Marsh
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    A Shadow Scale / Sun Scale duality could have existed in the Xanmeer period. The twin temples of Xul Thuxis and Vakka Bok have a similar opposed duality. I can't think of anything like that existing in 2E 582 though, apart from the name Sunscale Strand in Shadow Fen.
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  • 2Weenies
    Most likely not, but it would be grand if that were such a case. It's always fun when everything has an antithesis. What would they even be?

    I'm not well-versed in Argonian lore, but did they ever worship a sun deity? Or perhaps it's like with other bits of Tamriel, in which it's much like the Eight or "Good" Daedra, but with Jel-ified names and all that.

    Perhaps in a future game, or even future DLC. I feel like, while we may have a decent chunk of Argonian lore at the moment, we still have a lot more to discover (or for the developers/lore masters, write and create).
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  • Ajaxandriel
    Sunscale argonians would make pretty much sense, considering reptiles should appreciate the Sun to warm their cold-blooded body, and to nourish the plants (so their Hist symbiotes).

    Moreover this would explain Argonian Templar player-characters...
    I'm not a specialist of argonian lore but I have no example of templar argonian NPC yet. Have you?
    It's a shame the former loremaster discarded my question about light and sun beliefs among Argonians, at the Murkmire lore Q&A session :/

    I guess they have written nothing about this yet, even if it seems so cool an idea.
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