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Adding a space to an existing zone -- Would you freak out?

Suppose ZOS wanted to explore, say, the Great Houses in Vvardenfell with some questlines and really needed a new overland space.
Would you freak out if they had a cart transport you to "somewhere in Vvardenfell", even though the island has already been mapped.

Adding a space to an existing zone -- Would you freak out? 67 votes

Yes. They better not dare do that.
8% 6 votes
No. The island is only representative.
56% 38 votes
Can't they do it another way without messing up the existing island?
26% 18 votes
Something else.
7% 5 votes
  • Cadbury
    Sure, why not? This could be a viable and cost effective way to revitalize some older areas and make them fresh and relevant to new players. A win-win for ZOS.
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  • Royaji
    ZOS will freak out. I can already hear the screams about cutting the content into pieces to sell it to us twice.

  • Korah_Eaglecry
    Is it really that hard to overlay the new content with the old? Its not like they don't have the tech to make changes to your experience that differs from others. Players running around the EP starter zone will see something completely different than what a player that has already completed the island experience.
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  • jaekobcaed
    I'd be ok with this only after the rest of the game world has been filled up. Otherwise, I don't see a point, since they can continue making DLCs and chapters to fill in the world until it's all mapped out. I envision an ESO where every part of the world -- even uninhabitable areas like parts of Black Marsh and the Alik'r Desert -- are fully in the game world. It's amazing enough that we get to explore nearly all of Tamriel, but man, how awesome would it be to literally have every inch of Tamriel be explorable?
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  • LMar
    There's so much empty space in the zones anyway so they can fill that up !
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  • AerunSun
    Nirn is a lot more then Tamriel. Therefore can we go places other then what we look at now at the map. Why not explore Yokuda, Atmora or Pyandone. Or take it even further, travel in time to join Ysgramor and relive the night of tears.

    F.I. a lot of Skyrim dlc' took you to whole new area's by means of caves, hidden door, boat, etc. F.i. Shire, Wyrntooth, Bruma, etc.

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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Given that the Vvardenfell map already has a chunk of it shown on the map but completely inaccessible... and there is no mention of Silver Run (encountered here) or where it used to be when we visit same...Vvardenfell may have been a bad example for what you're asking; there's already a large piece of it they could use for exactly for what you're describing.

    As they already add new content to existing zones (several of the dungeon entrances were added in this manner) I doubt ZOS would change their model now.
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  • Sylianwe
    Sure! Because why not? It's always exciting when changes happen to certain zones; I tend to see it as pocket realms seeping through.
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  • idk
    Zos has already made changes to existing zones with the addition of housing. In some cases they had to make changes to the map. So also some DLC dungeons with one base game zones. That requires changes to an existing zone.

    So it already happens.
  • Nestor
    They do this already. There are a few caves and delves added to the original 15 zones. Auridon has one in the center part of the zone. One in Deeshan almost in the Mournold city limits. There are others.

    All it takes is to add a door or cave opening which does not change the overworld all that much. There are even caves and delve doors that dont open, those could be used.
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  • Juzz
    Nay, would like the world to evaluate with the time/chapter progress - that’s the right way to do imho
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  • Iccotak
    I mean there is a whole other section of Morrowind that could be a whole Chapter zone or pieced out in DLC zones.
  • Turelus
    I wouldn't care.

    There will always be minor conflicts or inconsistencies in maps with ESO, but as long as they try their base to make it flow I don't see an issue with it.
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