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Hard Coded Addon directory?

Soul Shriven
My PC has two hard drives. The first "C" drive is my SSD where I keep windows, drivers & system critical stuff. My second drive "D" is where I put everything else and where I installed ESO. I just recently getting warnings about my "C" drive filling up. When I looked at it, I realized that all the ESO addons were installed on there which was not what I was expecting. I do use Minion to install my addons and they are going to the "C:/users/ME/documents/elderscrollsonline/live/AddOns" folder. I then looked at Minion and realized that it was installing them in that "C" drive folder. But, I have that same path on my "D" drive where my game is installed. There were no addons in the folder on the "D" drive. I can tell Minion to put them there but the game is insistent on only using the "C" drive path.

I don't want to fill up my start up drive with a bunch of addons. Why would the game be looking for addons on a different drive than what it was installed on and is there a way to get it to look on the drive where the game resides?
  • Shinni42
    Eso stores its settings and addons in your documents folder. If you run out of space on your C drive, maybe you should tell your OS to use the other drive for your documents (you can do the same for the other default locations like Downloads, Pictures, Videos etc). You can do that by right-clicking on the documents folder, selecting properties and then location.

    edit: If you do not want to move your entire documents folder, you can try this workaround:
    The post shows how to create a link that will foward ESO, when it tries to access "Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns", to some other location like "C:/AddOns".
    Just replace C:/AddOns in that post with whatever path you want to use on your D drive.
    Edited by Shinni42 on September 18, 2019 11:42AM
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