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Best Video Settings for Cyrodil?

During any large battle in Cyrodil, my screen freezes for a few seconds, and I'm booted from the game. I have a good quality laptop and graphic card, too, and I often run at high graphics settings for PvE.

What specific video settings do I need to change to decrease the chance of getting booted from Cyrodil?

Thanks in advance!
  • JamieAubrey
    I used to run everything on low/off

    Now I just run on default High with bloom/grass etc all off
  • GhostofDatthaw
    Low/low/low/off/off/off/min view dist./min view dist./2addons
  • Mayrael
    Addditionaly I use Circonians Addon Selector to fast switch between addons I use in PvE and only basic addons for PvP (no combat metrics, no TTC, no minimaps etc.). It really helps to run as few addons as possible in PvP.

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  • Vapirko
    Turn shadows to low or off. Move both particle sliders down as far as they will go, turn off distortion effects especially but really any and all special effects. Then adjust other settings as needed. If you are using a GeForce card make sure your Nvidia panel settings favor max performance and that your power settings are set to max. Alcast also has an updated list of changes that can be made to the usersettings.ini file to boost performance. And yes remove as many addons as possible. I just use cyrhud, action duration reminder and a few inventory search addons. Definitely turn off any master merchant or TTC type addons. I also find that most mini maps give me issues aside form Votans mini map. The other thing is to use third party software like Rivatuner to cap your frame rate at 40-50 so that you don’t get huge dips from 80 or 100 down to 30.
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