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"The Shadow Theatre" - Medium to Heavy RP Guild (NA-PC-Faction-Neutral)

Soul Shriven
"I Am..."

Read if you want to learn,
The bird that caught the worm,
In our Shadows you will earn,
Your fill of fun - until the plot takes its next turn.

Even on peaceful nights,
We dream of higher heights,
And the monsters we may smite,
To tell those tales - in the details you must delight.

All the world is our stage,
Our minds they'll never cage.
When we thespians engage,
Prepare to stare - a thirst that will never assuage!

Don't talk of what you'll see,
You won't hear it from me.
Come just once and you'll agree,
Because, I say - Spoilers are the enemy!

Your riddle to ponder,
Is to sign down yonder.
If you fancy this encore,
Seek our theatre - to Mournhold you must wander.

"Actors, actresses, and entertainers of Tamriel - I openly beckon you to fair employ. This riddle belongs to those whose hearts burn to perform." -Xar'anthas


(( Atop this parchment paper is stamped the official crest of "The Shadow Theatre". You can make out drama masks that are vaguely reminiscent of Daedra faces ))

((This guild isn't just for performers. It's for any character that might have a business reason for flying under the radar. The Shadow Theatre is basically a speakeasy at its core. See the OOC info below for more info))

OOC Information
General Info
"The Shadow Theatre" is a medium to heavy RP guild. The guild is steeping in secrets and brimming with coin. "What is done in the shadows must never come to light." As a speakeasy, the guild has to have a legitimate public face. That's what the plays are for. But deeper in, you'll find that The Shadow Theatre cannot be supported on theatrical performances alone. It needs buyers and sellers of all sorts of goods and services that have to be hidden from the public eye.

Largely, a traditional speakeasy was supported by the sale of illegal goods and services that one would be unable to obtain otherwise. To this end we also need skooma makers, grave robbers, slavers, thieves, and any other forms of business folk who get their hands dirty.

Guild chat is open for OOC banter and is not restricted to IC chat.

My OOC goals for the guild
1. First and foremost, to provide the RP community with some fun events to look forward to on a regular schedule. Regularly occuring public RP events make for a very diverse and healthy roleplaying environment. "The Shadow Theatre" was built around this idea. The frequency of events will be determined by the availablity of our members to host these events. I imagine it will take us some time as we get started up to be able to pracitce for and host these plays.

2. Secondly, to create a guild that has enough depth to be the main RP guild for certain characters that are very likely to be found around Tamriel, but also with the capacity to be an "alt guild" for the folks who will no doubt just want in it to play a part in the plays every now and again.
How often will the plays be?
Monthly! We will try to come up with at least one show each month and hold a corresponding monthly community event so that the rest of the RP community and our friends can come see our hard work! This time frame is tentative on the level of involvement from the members, and that may be too ambitious while we are starting up. Well, that's the goal for now at least. Given enough interest and involvement, this could turn into a bi-weekly or even a weekly thing. The frequency will largely be determined by folks' availability.

The guild itself may need a bit of time to incubate and grow, but I imagine our first play could be ready by the end of the month if things went extremely well. There are a number of play scripts already available in TES lore (Lusty Argonian Maid, Horror of Castle Xyr, etc.) and it would be fairly easy to have these practiced and performed with minimal effort.

How long will each play typically last?
Each show should last from 15-30 minutes max, plus a 5 minute intermission if it lasts longer than 15 minutes (for AFK's and such).

How does it work for guild members?
Guild members are encouraged to submit any works they would like to see performed by themselves and their fellow RP'ers. These works will be chosen for performance at our shows on a first-come, first-played basis. You can get as wild with your works as you want, but please remember that the plays should still be tasteful to a pretty broad audience. Unfortunately, I will have to screen the plays to a certain extent, but I imagine I'll be pretty lenient as long as it's not downright vulgar in nature.

As with any production, practice makes perfect! In-character rehearsals for plays will serve as our own internal weekly guild-sponsored RP event. Attendance would be preferred, but nothing's mandatory here - save for a good thinking cap! Some kind of OOC committment to the plays themselves will be integral to success, but I'll let success be its own motivation to each of us.

How does it work for non-guild members?
Just show up and enjoy the plays that we put together for you! Tips or donations will be ICly encouraged, but there won't be any kind of ticket sales or door fees. Any actual gold acquired through tips will be saved for investing back into other RP events/guilds in the community that might actually need an in-game gold budget of some kind to get started.

How do I know if my character is a good fit?
Since guilds in ESO aren't exclusive per character like in most other games, you can be actively involved in multiple guilds at once. So, some characters on the surface may pursue this as just a part-time acting job (or something similar) and may not necessarily be too involved, while others may become intimately involved in the inner-most workings of the various things (some rather dark) being done behind the scenes to support the Theatre...

Who do I contact for more info?
Me! @Ickyness - Add me in-game and message me, or just send me a private message to either set up an IC meetup sometime or to just ask a few questions.

In no way should anyone feel that membership in this guild must be exclusive, though I won't discourage those who want to make this a primary home for their characters. I want things to be nice and laid back so that people have a place for alts and mains alike that may want to dabble in some thespionage (Har har!).
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