Update 24 API Patch Notes & Change Log (PTS)

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ESO UI API Patch Highlights (V100029)
A summary of important changes to the ESO UI API in this package.

Few major changes were made to the addon API for this patch. Below are some minor highlights:
  • SCT_EVENT_TYPE_DAMAGE_SHIELDED_BY_LOCAL_PLAYER_CAST_SHIELD – Added a new SCT type for shielded damage that was shielded because of a shield you cast.
  • Added GetNumZones()
  • Added an iterator for known recipes, GetNextKnownRecipeForCraftingStation(recipeListIndex, requiredCraftingStationType, lastRecipeIndex) – nextRecipeIndex.
  • Added infamy decay APIs:
    • GetBountyDecayInfo() – amountPerInterval, intervalDurationS, progressThroughIntervalS.
    • GetHeatDecayInfo() - amountPerInterval, intervalDurationS, progressThroughIntervalS.
    • GetSecondsUntilBountyDecaysToZero() – secondsUntilBountyDecaysToZero.
    • GetSecondsUntilHeatDecaysToZero() – secondsUntilBountyDecaysToZero.
  • Added teleport load screen events:
    • EVENT_JUMP_FAILED – jumpResult.
    • EVENT_PREPARE_FOR_JUMP – zoneName, zoneDescription, loadingTexture, instanceDisplayType.
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