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Sheo Shrines - Ideas?

I’m in the process of working on a house dedicated to the mad god himself, Uncle Sheo. He’s one of my favorite Daedric princes. Problem is, my housing ideas are getting a bit stale so I thought I’d reach out to the community to get some ideas on what to include in my shrine. Well, what to include besides cheese and statues of him. Thoughts?
  • bluebird
    Floating furniture? One of the Mages Guild quest locations have furniture placed upside down, on the walls, the ceiling, etc. in usual Mad-God fashion. Perhaps you could replicate that? Like, build a room with furniture and floor braziers and a carpet and such on the ceiling? Or like a tilted carpet in the air, with an upside down table and chairs, and a bunch of cheese falling down off of a plate?
  • dcam86b14_ESO
    Just reference the isle of madness or that one quest from Skyrim
    Also he is jigglag as well so maybe look up stuff for that

    idk im not really a sheo person
  • Pheefs
    FYI at one point crown crates had the Wabbajack banners in them, so watch out for the reprise week
    Think whimsical and creepy, right?!?

    Remains and flowers in the shape of a butterfly?
    A book nook with all the Sheo books
    An altar of strange offerings
    Skeletons acting out a dramatic scene
    Pets at tea
    A big pile of lettuce, yarn, and soulgems... so you can summon him (or maybe you have already been trying?)

    Great and Most Terrible Lord Sheogorath, in your Infinite Madness
    Guide and protect this Child of Chaos in their endeavor
    In your name we Squee, Jyggalg is a dweeb
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  • MornaBaine

    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!

  • katanagirl1
    MornaBaine wrote: »


    3D pyramid of shivering cheeses in tribute to Uncle Sheo!
  • Aliyavana
    I recommend adding some skooma pipes into your house as he appears as the skooma cat occasionally to khajiit
    Zebendal- Stam Sorc, PC NA
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