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(Possible Spoilers) Who Do You Think Is The Mysterious Ally We Will Encounter?

Just curious what everyone else theory is.

Personally I think its very obvious that Paarthurnax is the ally. During the stream they hinted that the mystery character was housed above the Dragonguards HQ. So its either Paarthurnax or another legendary dragon that has been known to ally with humans.
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  • VaranisArano
    It would be a fitting end to a year that's been filled with Skyrim nostalgia.
  • Aliyavana
    Naafarligus will be the ally on the beginning, and partysnacks will be the ally that helps us at the end that requires completion of both elsweyr and dragonhold.
  • Bruccius
    Paarthurnax is the leader of the Greybeard at this time, I consider it unlikely for him to travel all this way.
  • Iccotak
    Other dragons have shown the capacity to work with mortals like Naafarligus
  • Tomokata
    Soul Shriven
    What about that Breton necromancer they showed in the trailer?
  • ManwithBeard9
    Tomokata wrote: »
    What about that Breton necromancer they showed in the trailer?

    The Breton, Nord, and High Elf are player stand ins. They don't represent actual characters in game.
  • Robo_Hobo
    Its hard for me to pick which is more likely as both have good evidence for and against, but my guess is it will either be Nafaalilargus or Paarthurnax.

    If not either of them, then Skakmat lol.

    But yeah I'm 99% certain the ally is a Dragon, based on everything, and there aren't many dragons known to have allied with mortals.

  • zsetnerzb16_ESO2
    This kajit hero, kunzari
  • Aigym_Hlervu
  • Throren
    Last chance, dont say I didn't warn you
    The 'ally' that shows up is Nahfahlaar, and it also apears confirms the long standing fan theory that Nahfahlaar is Nafaalilargus. 20190916172957_1.jpg
  • Jusey1
    It's Nafaalilargus. We can see him flying above towns in base game and we been opening his strongboxes during the event.
  • Siohwenoeht
    The truth is....

    It's Lyris and the end scene is her and Sai tying the 'ol knot. :p
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  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    Well at the coronation party at the end of elsweyr if you have done the quest with sheogorath ilin the south eastern corner of the map one of the character will be there and thell you of a warrior with a great mane on is chin(sai) and a dragon missing a horn
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