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Class suggestion for Battleground & Cyro

Soul Shriven
Hi there.
First of all, I know there is no such thing as "best class is XX", it alwas depends on playstile, skill of the player himself etc., so I am not looking for "tthe best class for battleground" :) .
I am currently playing with a friend often battlegrounds under 50. With other people of our guild we now want to form a group of 4 playes, doing mostly battlegrounds, but also going to visit cyro in Ebonheart pact).
One will play a magicka sorc as DD, another one plays a warden as Tank (both are pretty good!). Then we will have a magicka templer as healer.
And I am not sure, which class I sould play with them.
In PVE my main is a magicka templer (heal), and I have a stam necro as bow/bow DD and a templer as tank, both in training :D (they are 50, but I have just started going with them in trials).
My u50 chars which I play in battle grounds are currently a magicka warden and a magicka templer heal (templar is daggonfall covenant). We already have a templar in our group (and it would be my...4th? templar^^) and the warden...I am not really happy with the warden, can't even say exactly why.
So I am aksing for your opinions based on your experiences. I am looking for a DD class, which doesn't need to be on top, but also not be the last in dmg / kills, and should not be a glass canon as I am still learning PVP and the class should forgive a few mistakes. Any ideas which class I should give a try? I generally tend to range, but I am open for everything :)
  • Iskiab
    Templar, Warden or DK. Since you like ranged I’d say magtemplar.

    Post patch I think those three classes will be the pvp classes. Necros might be okay too, I’m not sure about them.
    Edited by Iskiab on September 17, 2019 8:31PM
    Looking for any guildies I used to play with:
    Havoc Warhammer - Alair
    LoC EQ2 - Mayi and Iskiab
    Condemned and Tabula Rasa - Rift - Iskiab
    Or anyone else I used to play games with in guilds I’ve forgotten
  • BNOC
    MagTemp and MagDk can consistently do the highest damage in BG's if you know what you're doing - Especially if you're in a premade with a healer as you've said.
    With a healer your mistakes are fine, but Templar or MagDk can just turtle up with SNB and a tank set on,

    Stam Warden is the easiest to play and be competitive on as you only need to push 3 buttons.

    I'd tell your friend to rethink his tank though, totally useless in BG's even in Cap games.

    Edited by BNOC on September 18, 2019 1:24PM
    vMSA - Magplar - Xbox EU - 15/11/16
    578,000 - 36 Minutes 58 Seconds (Top 2 World?)

    vMSA - Magplar - Xbox NA
    569,000 - 40 minutes (350CP, Non optimised runs)
  • Feilaoban
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there, thanks for your input. As I already have more than one templar, I am now trying a MagDK. Needs to get used to it, as it is not really a range DD :)

    But my MagDen still exists, maybe I will give it a try later again.
  • Brander12
    Soul Shriven
    If you want just to be killed - Stam NB. Ahhh okay you can sit in sneak, truth :D
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