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LibExecutionQueue for Master Merchant

Soul Shriven
Looking for LibExecutionQueue for Master Merchant.
Did use Minion, it did not have LibExecutionQueue.
Running Master Merchant 2.2.0, did remove it and downloaded 2.2.1, but 2.2.0 keeps coming up.
Would like to find LibExecutionQueue, and get Master merchant 2.2.1.
Thanks for any help ye can give.
  • Philgo68
    Lib Execution Queue is inside the MM package. I've seen Minion put addon folders inside other addon folders, so I'm guessing you have MM 2.2.0 AND MM 2.2.1 somewhere in your addon directory structure. Look around and clean out any MasterMerchant directories that are not directly in C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns.

  • MacLayden
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the help in finding Lib Execution Queue. Did find it in MM folder, under Lib folder.
  • Baertram
    Some libraries are only created for one/a few addon(s) and thus is not distributed via Minion or esoui as standalone version.
    AS long as these addons got their own txt file so they will be loaded properly... but unfortunately MM got several libraries included and loaded by the MasterMerchant.txt file which is not the best way to do it as it might break other addons by using outdated libraries...
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