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Empty soulgems... where to find them?

Hi all, as the title already says: where can i find empty soul gems? And yes, I know you can find one occasionally at the entrance of a delve...
But with the current meta and everyone running soultrap there seem to be a shortage of empty soulgems. I searched a LOT of guild traders and found nothing.
I know that filled soulgems are easy to get as well... but it's always nice to be able to get even more soulgems from your normal gameplay.
Thx already in advance,

  • Red_Feather
    Treasure map chests and possibly normal treasure chests. Probably more sources, but those I remember.
    edit: Enchanter Writs too
    Edited by Red_Feather on September 11, 2019 11:22PM
  • OG_Kaveman
    What do you need them for?
  • AlnilamE
    Treasure chests, enchanting writs, bosses and one of the NPC vendors (the Mystic?).

    Why do you need empty soul gems?
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  • mommadani907
    What server/platform are you on? I have roughly 80kabillion empty soulgems I hold onto but never do anything with lol
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  • Mjoellnir
    I'm on PC/EU. And you can never have enough soulgems :D I got just recently into raids and stuff where it is pretty easy to burn through them. I know it's not too hard to get filled soulgems... but I find it quite satisfying when you use soultrap and it actually fills a soulgem instead of just saying "you need an empty soulgem".
    So do I really "need" them? Don't know... but imho it's nice to have them :)
  • OG_Kaveman
    it actually fills a soulgem instead of just saying "you need an empty soulgem".
    So do I really "need" them?

    I see. I find it strange that there is not an add-on to suppress that notice. I would download it in a heartbeat.
  • doomette
    Vendoring filled soul gem stacks has become an unexpected new source of income since the soul trap buff, and now I too am in search for more empty soul gems. The enchanting writs are not nearly enough :#
  • runkorkoeb17_ESO
    Sadly everywhere... /profesions dailies
    You are EU or NA ?
    Can send you some
  • Cundu_Ertur
    Ayleid ruins, on a plate near where you respawn if you die there's usually a gem just sitting there. There's a fair number of things that drop them, too; a lot of delve and public dungeon bosses will sometimes drop one.
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  • Muzzick
    I'll give you some for crowns
  • LuckyLuke
    Plenty of places, like in the fire place of what I call the monkey house just north of the southern most Auridon dolmen is a good spot to check. Also in the armoury in one of Cyrodiil’s base camps (AD).

    I used to keep track of easy to access places to farm them myself. You will find them out in the open world and dungeons in boxes, on shelves and in display cabinets. All over the place. I gave up keeping notes on these locations since they are so easy to accumulate from any chests, writs and dailies. They are a nice income source but won’t make you a millionaire lol
  • SeaGtGruff
    There are empty soul gems just lying around in certain locations, and you can steal them if you sneak.

    In Vivec City, check in the Mages Guild in Saint Delyn Canton, there are a few places in there-- on countertops or shelves. The first guild trader on the left going out toward the wayshrine also has one.

    In Daggerfall, check in the shop where the enchanting table and jewelry crafting station are-- there are a few in there, look on the counter and in the open crate.

    In Belkarth in Craglorn, there are several near one of the vendors in the center of town.

    There are many other places; those are just some examples. Just be sure you're sneaking, and wait until everyone has either moved away from you or has their back turned to you, and be extra careful if there's a guard nearby. If you do get a bounty, the best thing to do might be to wait where you are until your bounty gos away, unless there's a guard nearby who might walk toward you while patrolling. Or you might just log off for a bit, then log back in after a while-- make sure you wait long enough for your bounty to go away before you log in again. Or, if you have a house, port to it and wait. I sometimes like to port to the house on Artaeum that was given away last year, because Artaeum has no guards at all, so I can run around farming nodes while waiting for my bounty to go away.
  • mairwen85
    You can buy them from general merchants , get them as quest rewards, random daily activities, chests, just lying around, loot and mob drops.
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  • Bekkael
    Pretty much everywhere. Delves, delve bosses, public dungeons, treasure chests, daily writs, stealing...

    I've always got a few empty ones in my inventory that I just pick up in the course of normal play, and a few thousand filled ones floating around between my 6 characters and what I have banked. Soul gems are everywhere in the PVE part of the game. :)
    ~~ Xbox NA ~~
  • DarcyMardin
    I rarely run out, even now that there so much more demand for the empties, but if I do, I buy them from the Mages guild mystics.
  • AcadianPaladin
    There are 3 or 4 empties in the Twice Born Star crafting cave in Craglorn (Atelier of the Twice Born Star). You have to steal them but the cave is empty so no risk. I remember that location because I routinely stop in there when doing a nirnhoned running circuit based from the Skyreach wayshrine.
    PC NA (PvE)
  • Cirantille
    How many you need?
    I have far too many, I can send if you like
    Becuase after a certain point they stack up that you dont need to waste money on them
    As for your question you can find them sold in mages guild
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