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The Grey Manes - A guild for casual and old(er) gamers that like to play how they want!

Soul Shriven
Primary Focus: Social | Secondary Focus: Group PVE | Additional Activities: Anything goes | Roles: All

Are you an older or casual gamer? Are you tired of feeling left out or left behind? If so join us.

No requirements, no restrictions. Play how you want!

The Grey Manes is a multi-platform guild and community started by Tyrant.

We encourage you to play the game how you want. This is the core of The Grey Manes.

You don't need to stress about not running the build that the youtubers or theory crafters tell you to. You can stand in the red, you can take a bio break without wondering if someone will get upset. If you want to learn how to improve your dps, or want advice on a better build, we have people who can help. But if you want to run a wild and weird and wonderful setup you made yourself, go for it. We do not judge here. You can group, or not. Talk or just listen. There are no requirements.
Hopefully you’ll find some great friends, have a lot of laughs, and create some awesome memories with us.

The Guild was started on PC and currently has about 200 members. We also have a growing PS4 and Xbox community.

You can join us on discord: Grey Manes Discord

or send us an in-game mail:

[PC][NA] The-Tyrant | [PS4][NA] Vithkiin | [Xbox][NA] SnowCipher
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