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Post and Find Builds

So after playing ESO for 5 years and one of the main thing a lot of people are looking for is builds. So I finally found a way for EVERYONE to post a build by filling out a form which will then auto post to my website It has taken me almost 8 months now to get this off the ground in my spare time but I have done it. So I am asking you to help others by sharing your build either by posting a "Detailed Build" or by sharing a quick "F.R.A.C. (Function, Race, Armor, Class) build." After filling out the form it will auto post to my sight and be available immediately for you to share your build with others. I also have a quick 5 minute tutorial on the website that goes over the basics of the sight and what to do. It is also a website for people to search out and find a build for their character. I have posted a few of my builds and they can range from PVE, PVP, RP, to theiving builds. There are a lot of options and with how ESO changes up gear stats and abilities builds are always changing so please post, share and find builds for your characters at Thanks!!! Share your build or find a build here at Fate's Legacy!
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