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Battleground Editor (Pvp in housing)

Soul Shriven
Battleground Editor for making custom matchmaking arenas and custom game modes, similar to Fortnite's Editor and "Block" events. Having a constructive and positive competition to create custom Battleground arenas and rules could lead to infinite housing and pvp content and would surely add many more hours of playable content. Pvp players please rally for this ambitious and game changing idea! Viva la ESO!
  • AJL32456
    Sounds like a great idea. Following on this trail of thought though, I would love it if they had some training dummies that you could customise to deal some damage to the player! Make the training experience more realistic.
    - Guildmaster of The Adroit. Only on Xbox EU and PC NA Megaservers. -

    • [Mac] - [NA] - AJL32456
      • Thordin Agard (Lvl: Champion 26 - Breton - Dragonknight - Daggerfall Covenant)
      • Thorodin Jartharn (Lvl: 6 - High Elf - Sorcerer - Aldmeri Dominion)
    • [Xbox] - [EU] - AJL32456
      • Bjarnar (Lvl: Champion 382 - Nord - Templar - Aldmeri Dominion)
      • Shadelurker (Lvl: 18 - Khajiit - Nightblade - Aldmeri Dominion)
      • Drake Ivor (Lvl: 36 - Breton - Warden - Ebonheart Pact)
      • Thorodin Agard (Lvl: 25 - High Elf - Sorcerer - Daggerfall Covenant)
      • Aegon The Deadly (Lvl: 10 - Breton - Necromancer - Aldmeri Dominion)
      • Rhaegar V T(Lvl: 23 - Breton - Necromancer - Daggerfall Covenant)
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