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NO CP Cyro-

Hey all. Tuesday night means its time to be careful if you are riding around calmly thinking its safe between battles. I am hoping for The Lords of the Shaft to have at least 12-15 of us ready to pop out of stealth and commit virtual murders. :) Guild night means we will likely all be wearing nothing but proc sets and making each other laugh as we make unsuspecting folks explode. No, it's not gamesmanship, but it is hilarious! We have no shame so hate tells only get logged into our trove of salt.

Sedare should be streaming it on his Middle of Knowhere twich account. Nothing but love for you all zergs or not. Play the game how ever you want that makes you have fun. That's what its about. My only hope is the "collector" is on to threaten my guildies with "farming them" and telling them some form of description of how they are trash. Bring 50, bring 100, we will gleefully pick of your tail ends and make you burn your soul gems! We are the cockroaches of no CP with more camps than you have minions! Come and get uuuuuuuus!

Much love-Hoff
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