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Game crashing after pressing "Play" after todays Patch


since today my game is constantly crashing after pressing the Play-Button in the Launcher.

First time when it started today it downloaded the patch and immediately afterwards it wanted me to repair the game, I've hit the Repair-Button and the game was "Repairing".
After that was done and me trying to start the game I couldn't anymore, I'm only getting following CrashReport (Always the same one "11"):

version = 0.01

ProductName = eso
Version =
branch = live
client.executablebits = 64
client.mode = startup
client.renderertype = D3D11
client.session_start_timestamp = 2019-09-09T20:25:42.624+01:00
client.timestamp = 2019-09-09T20:25:44.114+01:00 -frme 0- = DESKTOP-SMT6ASP
computer.user = benja
cpu.arch = 9
cpu.count = 8
cpu.level = 6
cpu.type = 8664
data.depotid = 4000
data.dir = D:/Program Files (x86)/The Elder Scrolls Online/depot/
data.syncm = databuild
data.version =
exe.buildnum = 1870484
exe.opt = release
exe.reltype = public
exe.type = client
fe.code = 11
fe.descrip = Client Fatal Error
gfx.description =
gfx.deviceid = 5080.1700074840.161
gfx.driver = NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M
gfx.vendorid = 4318
mem.system_physical = 16268
os.osbits = 64
os.platform = windows
os.version = 10.0.18362.
ptime = 1550
reportfield.ver = 3
version.major = 5
version.patch = 1
version.subpatch = 9

What I've done so far:

Everything in the Official Guides (Graphics Drivers, Deleting Addons etc.)
Fully reinstalling Launcher and the game
Editing the UserSettings found from some other players that had similar problems

The official Guide also tells me to repair the game, it doesn't give me the option in the Launcher though. Also the Error Detection tool in the Launcher doesnt find anything at all.

Did anyone else have that problem and knows how to fix it? I never had problems like this before with the game and it just started today with the Patch.

Thanks in advance

  • ZOS_BillE

    Thank you for the run down of every troubleshooting step you've taken so far. Since full reinstalling the launcher and game has not helped with this crash, please go ahead and start a support ticket if you've not done so.
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  • rumple9
    Same for me since todays patch
  • Vapirko
    Have you tried opening it directly instead of using the launcher?
    Edited by Vapirko on September 10, 2019 1:01AM
  • CaveSquirrel
    Yes, in all different variants, as in with and without administrator mode and so on
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