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More explorable DLCs to add value for the subscription

Well I am a subscriber and bought the game when ZOS made an offer with many DLCs and zones so yesterday I checked wich areas I can visit thanks to my subscription and I found out it was just the clockwork city, I got murkmire free from the daily rewards and IC I already owned but i count murkmire still as a benefit because I did not pay for it.

I am not very interested in DLCs that are dungeons because most of the time I do not want anything from those dungeons and they just reward me with one skill point but exploring and seeing new "worlds" with stories I love that.

I don't know if there is more people like me that have eso plus and would like more DLCs that are a zone added.

I am rather new I bought the game 1 year ago but just did the daily rewards and started playing just a few months ago so I do not know how the development circle works but maybe they added an expansion, then dungeons and maybe they will add a DLC zone next, if that the case I would be super happy with my subscription.
  • VaranisArano
    ZOS's current development schedule is one release each quarter.
    Q1: dungeon DLC
    Q2: Chapter, for cash (old chapter becomes DLC)
    Q3: dungeon DLC
    Q4: zone DLC

    So if you are subscribed, you get at least 3 new DLC a year (4 if you didnt buy the old Chapter). However, two of those are dungeon DLC.

    As a subscriber, your current zone DLCs are:
    Imperial City (a PvPvE zone)
    Thieves Guild (Hew's Bane)
    Dark Brotherhood (Gold Coast)
    Clockwork City
    Upcoming Q4: Dragonhold
  • Danikat
    You missed several DLCs. Zone/story DLC which is unlocked with a subscription is:
    • Orsinium (Wrothgar map)
    • Thieves Guild (Abah's Landing map)
    • Dark Brotherhood (Gold Coast map)
    • Morrowind (Vvardenfell map)
    • Clockwork City
    • Summerset
    • Murkmire

    Whether that's worth the price or not is up to you. If you're only subscribing for DLC it might be worth using your subscription crowns to buy it, that way if you drop your sub you can still access the maps.
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