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Combat Metrics Setup


I play ESO since 2015, but I've always managed my satisfation whilst gaming through questing solo and exploring the game lore-wise, delaying the important mechanics and core elements until now.. (Maybe I should consider myself a Veteran Newbie?) :p

Anyways, Combat Metrics gave me a hell of a new perspective to play, however, it confuses me when it comes to single-target DPS, overall DPS, target resistance settings, etc etc.. could anyone explain to me what these are, and what settings do you have your DPS addon set to?

I thought I'd just download it and I could get my DPS shown on-screen, end of discussion. But now I'm hearing people able to get 80k DPS and best I've ever done (single-target DPS, which is the only DPS count I've been using) is 39k.

So how can I figure out my DPS exactly?
Also, is single-target the way to measure it?

Thanks in advance,

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