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(PC-EU) Hardcore/Endgame Raiding Guild MEDUSA recruiting StamNecro for (VSS HM) Godslayer Achievemen

We have achieved IR-TTT-GH and now we are working on Godslayer with 3 teams. Our core teams scored 220k and 215k and our recent timing on bosses are 6min on Frost Boss, 4.30min on Fire Boss and 8min on Last Boss. We have done no deaths on each bosses.

Able to attend every trial
VSunspire HM knowledge and experience
Able to use and communicate on Discord
Good survivability in trial
+75k Fire boss ST, +90k Last boss MT

If you are interested in raiding with us, please whisper/mail ingame @Thylacinus or @Lizzie_Borden. You can also contact us on Discord:
  • Thylacinus
    LF exp portalrunner for wednesday and sunday 8-1
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