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The Real Guild, The Best Guild [Trading] [PC/NA] [Casual]

RGBG is an intensely casual trading guild.

We have no requirements, and a fully stocked Guild House!

While we strive to secure a kiosk every week, we do not always succeed.

If you just want to sell a few things every now and then, and don't want to worry about minimums, this might be the place for you.

Want a spot for your alt, or just an extra 30 slots? RGBG is here for you!

We're small, not super social, and don't run regular events, raffles, or auctions!

Sound good to you? Ask for an invite here, via the in-game Guild Finder, via our Discord, or by sending mail to @Spage.

More information: tinyurl.com/RealGuildBestGuild
Discord: discord.gg/ts/TZmeG
GM, Real Guild Best Guild
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