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Fire & Flames looking for new members!

About us:
We are a raiding guild which was started by a group of friends, on the PC EU server. We are focused on doing every single HM content ingame, and currently have a few set days and group and are looking to expand. Our current schedule is:

-Tuesday 8pm cest: Autist Core starting on vCR+2. [LF MULTIPLE ROLES]
-Wednesday 8pm cest: Molten Core in vSS HM [LF 1 OFF TANK, 1 STAM DD]
-Friday 11pm cest: Fun/drunk run! This is an open raid.
-Saturday afternoon/night: Open raids.
-Sunday 3pm cest: Open training raids.

We also have multiple open raids organised during the week by raid leaders.

We are looking to recruit new recruits with Experience in Vet Trials, We have two specific ranks with requirements:

Elite Raider: Completed all Craglorn HM's, vMoL, vAS, vHoF and vCR - DPS requirements are 40k on 6mill, 75 to 80k on new trial dummy.
HM Raider: Completed all HM's bar from vCR and vSS. 50k on 6mill, 85 on new trial dummy.

And last of all we aim for our members to feel welcome and happy like a f*cking Minion from Despicable Me (gotta love those Bananas). Of Course we have a guild House with all the requirements. If you're interested and want to know more, feel free to contact our GM @Veritablebijar or our second in command @Mrslizardface
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