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[NA][PC] I'm looking for fun & adventure! ^.^

Hi Hi ^.^

I'm a returning player & long time gamer. I played at launch (have a couple of gold cadwell 50s). Been gone years but I recently came back and I'm looking for a guild to call home. I'm not looking for much, but I'm having difficulty finding a decent guild. What I am looking for is as follows:

- A fun social 18+ guild with a bustling active voice server (discord / ts/ ventrilo / etc) populated by adults.
- Nothing "PG-13" or "Family friendly". I'm not a babysitter sorry.
- Must not be racist, homophobic, bigoted, religion based. or dislike weed hehe ^.^

That's it pretty much! lol. You'd think that would be extremely easy to find seeing as the bar is so low, but nope! haha ^.^

I'm Canadian. I'm Transgender. I play DPS (PvE only. No interest in PvP) . I'm friendly. I have 3 50s now (some max crafting w/max traits). Farming CP's as I play through all the new content I've missed. Closing in on 300, to unlock the rest of the vet dungeons. I have all my gear done, minus my 5 piece dungeon set for trials.

I generally play later in the day. Like 3pm to 6am EST.

No offense, but I don't care how fancy your guild hall is, how many training dummies it has, or mundus stones. I just want some fun social people to enjoy playing the game with. That's it. The more the merrier really. Since I play in such a large time frame, covering so many time zones, it's nice to have a variety of people to play with. So really small guilds with low populations aren't going to be of much help.

You can leave me a message here with what you're about, and how I can go about contacting your guild in game should I like what I see ^.^

Thanks and have a happy holiday!

P.s. I have ESO+ and access to all DLC content.

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  • Huggernaut
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  • gomujomo
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there Huggernaut, I'm just starting a guild. Have a read here. Looking forward to hearing from you :)
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