[PC/EU] AntiPrimetime is recruiting! [Endgame-Trial Progression]

Soul Shriven
AntiPrimetime is recruiting!

Who are we?
We are a progressive endgame trial guild focussing mainly on dlc trial progression and the corresponding triple achievements (IR, GH, TTT,GS).
We also like to raid pretty late as our name suggests ;)

Our raid times:
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 11pm-1am CEST(/CET when summer is over)

What we achieved so far:
vMoL hm, Immortal Redeemer (112.3k score), Gryphon Heart (129.4k score)

What do we offer?
We offer an endgame progression group full of motivated, experienced people who like to tryhard on hard trial content while still having fun and not pushing all limits. Oh and we also like memes!

What do we expect?
  • survivability
  • situational and mechanical awareness
  • adaptation to upcoming metas (including being able to play more than just one class)
  • having great experience in raiding and your role (preferably having cleared all trials+hms)
  • showing up for raids and being able to speak english on discord

We're just starting our progression in vSS today after getting GH last raid!

These are the roles were are currently recruiting:
  • 1 DD (stamcro) with experience in vSS

If you're interested to join feel free to contact us ingame (@Ar4igen or @Hantelhans) via /w or mail or leave a comment below!
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