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Skill set up for vMA on magicka Warden

During the event, I managed to complete vMA on 3 classes I hadn't done before (all magicka) - NB, DK, and templar. For some OCDish reason, I'd like to complete that for my max level characters and give it a try on warden. I was planning on running MS/FGD/Iceheart, but I'm a bit unsure as to what priority skills I should be running.
Any suggestions?
@SidraWillowsky if you have input I'd love to hear it. I don't really need a 1 bar build, and I am fairly comfortable with magden in general, but I haven't tried in vMA at all.
  • GlorphNoldorin
    I used a force pulse based build with the same gear last patch. From memory:
    inner light, force pulse, shalks, bird of prey, flex (fletcher or entropy or heal, I think I used a heal) destro ult
    wall, ice dot, shimmering shield, vines, netch, permafrost/pve mporph

    I had a few flawless runs during the event on magden, nothing outstanding score wise but happy enough that this build can work on oceanic ping.

    To be honest, magden, magcro, magplar are really strong in vma. I never played magicka until recently and these classes I found to work well. Magplar easily the strongest of them for me but the aoe breach on Magden and Magcro is really good.
  • kylewwefan
    Front Bar: Force Pulse, Shalk, Fetcher Infection, Bird of Prey, Inner Light, Ultimate- Northern Storm
    Back Bar: Wall o Elements, Winters Revenge, Netch, Vines, Lotus, Ultimate- Barrier
  • kringled_1
    To follow up on this a month later, what I ended up using (just got first clear on magden):
    Front bar: Bird of prey, deep fissure, consuming trap, fletcher infection, enchanted growth. Northern Storm
    Back bar: Blue betty, shimmering shield, unstable wall, living trellis, enchanted growth. Elemental rage.
    Sets were mothers sorrow (lightning staves), false gods (imperfect), iceheart. This character was an Altmer but I'll give it a go on my Breton magden next.
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