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Easy build to level and group (need assistance)

I am looking for an easy build that does not require me to juggle multiple combos or rotations that have to be specific and will lose a lot of DPS. Does anyone know a class that performs well that is more of a "Hit something soon as it comes off cooldown build?" I don't care if its the "best" but that it is capable of doing good dps in Dungeons/Raids/Group content (I don't pvp). Melee/caster or ranged (don't want to heal). I haven't touched this game really outside the first zone and really want to try to give it a run but I have to enjoy my character and I like my characters really simple.

Anyone have any suggestions please.

  • OG_Kaveman
    Play the game you want way you want to, get to. Level 50, champion point 160, then worry about builds, all classes have easy ways to play them.
  • Taleof2Cities
    OG_Kaveman wrote: »
    Play the game you want way you want to, get to. Level 50, champion point 160, then worry about builds, all classes have easy ways to play them.

    @OG_Kaveman is right.

    Enjoy the game first ...
    Mind telling me these builds that all of them have that are easy? I'm not new to MMO's, just this one as I haven't played Elder scrolls much during my gaming history, mainly played the older school ones like Ultima Online, Everquest 1&2, Vanguard, ect. Enjoying my character on the way up with the vision to see how it is going to turn out is what makes it fun for me. I like to experience the game...ONCE. I hate questing more then once and alts. I like living thru my "1" character. Know I am not the norm but thats what I enjoy and play, so I rather know and do research first to see what class style and specs I know I normally enjoy to play. So since all of them have a form of the spec I am looking for from the looks of it, mind telling me which those are so I can pick one character to level up and work on champion points for please? Because if I level a character up and devote all that time to a character just to find out I would of preferred another instead, that will make me unsub after realizing I have to do it all again to get the experience I would of originally preferred.

    This also ins't meant to be mean but the token phrase "just play what you want and enjoy the game, don't rush" slogan post has been around for 30+ years in RPG culture. Literally everyone knows this basic concept of playing MMO's and long journey games. Which is why I asked a specific question related to what I enjoy in MMO's and wanted to expand my knowledge of ESO so I could play the game the way I want too. What I could really use is someone who loves alts/making builds/testing them to give me their opinion on what they feel would be a good fit for my play style. I love to theory craft but sadly in a game that I have zero experience with and limited time to play, I am reaching out to the experts to help lead me down the path they think I might enjoy.

  • Watchdog
    Well, I hope by melee/caster you don't mean a character using a melee weapon and casting offensive spells, as this is not what ESO really offers. At least not anything really effective.

    The basic principle you need to keep in mind is that your damage output scales based on either your Stamina, or your Magicka.

    Stamina weapons are: axe, battleaxe bow, dagger, sword, gretasword, mace, maul (and one handed + shield)
    Magicka weapons are: destruction staff (fire, lightning, ice) and restoration staff

    Mind, that each race has unique passives that can make some builds more effective. If you are unsure whether you would like to play a Stamina or a Magicka character, choose a Dunmer (Dark Elf), because they can do either.

    If you want to do some melee damage, and still be a ranged mage, I would go for a Magicka Templar. You will be using staves, but you will have the ability to use an Aedric spear with several skills, melee and ranged alike.

    The links below might give you a good start. They are from Alcast's website, one of the most used sources of knowledge for ESO mechanics and builds.

    Guide to races and what are they good at:

    Beginner guides:
    Member of Alith Legion:
  • AcadianPaladin
    The trouble is that any class you find to be fun, effective, suits your style and comfortable to play will change over time - sometimes into something that no longer meets your needs. Insisting on only playing one class is, for me at least, a recipe for a time bomb. Only a matter of time till changes to your Chosen Class force you to rage quit the game. That is why so many of us have alts - so when the class we enjoy gets nerfed or rendered not fun, we can play another. And the cycle can go full circle as well. I have put characters into retirement due to nerfs and, many months and changes later, bring them back out when they become more fun again.

    I mean, in the overall history of the game, there might be a good case to be made for the venerable magsorc to sort of fulfill what you seek, but they are rather on the ropes at the moment after this latest round of patchnerfs.

    For what it's worth, do bear in mind that you can currently change CP, skills, morphs, race, appearance, change between mag and stam. About the only thing you can't change now is class.
    PC NA (PvE)
  • FrancisCrawford
    This game:
    • Has no skills with literal cooldowns.
    • Is optimized for DoTs, which implicitly have cooldowns.

    That's been true since the beginning, but is even truer as of the most recent patch.

    That said, if you roll a magicka templar, the first skill you'll spam is Puncturing Sweeps, and you probably can rely on that as a mainstay of your damage in everything except trials.
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