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Custom class skill line: Alteration

I was thinking about what can be used for new class. Death, light, frost, fire, dragon, darkness, assassination, conjuration etc. are already used. Then I remembered good old Alteration from TES. I aimed these skills to be balanced based on existing skills. Ultimate will be the most diverse skill in game and with good visuals, it will be as sellable as a bear or clossus ;)

Telekinesis: pull and slam enemy to ground with telekinetic power
Pull an enemy from up to 18 meters away and stun up to 3 seconds. Cant be blocked. max range pulls dont stun, point blank casts stun 3 sec. mid range casts stun based on distance pulled, more pull distance means less stun.

This is combination of DK pull and DK stun in one skill but you can't get boht effects in same cast. Usefull for tanks to pull mobs and PvPers to stun.

Ebonyskin: harden your skin to reduce incoming damage with alteration magic
Get %50 damage resistance untill XXX damage taken. Lasts 6-9(?) seconds. Also give major res buffs for 12-18(?)secs. Base skill and 1 morp will scale with max hp, other morph will scale with max mag.

%50 resistance?! trick is XXX number. It will be half of what Templar max hp shield will give for Max HP scale. XXX will be half of light armor shield number on the same chracter. So this is basicly shield skill hiden behind damage reduction. This will make them seem diffrent and give diffrent feeling. I cant decide with duration, It is like a shield(must be 6sec) but you can die while it is still up(must be longer than6 secs). Can be argued.

Shard ring(needs better name): create shards that ring around you to deal damage untill shards deplete. Skill expands like hurricane.
AoE DoT that follows you hurricane like but this one has a ring not a disk shape. Deals %XX more damage than AoE DoT standarts. Can deal up to XXX againts every target. (XXX damage is equal to what you get from other aoe dots when their duration ends)
There will be stam and mag morp

This is the weirdo skill like sub assault or exploding skeletons of this class. ZoS like creating this kind of AoE DoT like skills. This skill deal its DoT faster than other DoTs becuse it is very hard to keep enemy in weird expanding disk! So if you keep enemy in it for shorter time than other DoTs, you deal your damage. Your reward is beign able to deal more bursty DoT. Ranged chracters have to wait ring to expand to deal damage from distance. Mag morp may have shrinking ring too.

Example: Shards deal 2 times the damageof every other AoE DoTs and lasts 10 second. But this skill will reach it's damage cap in 5 seconds. So it is balanced for PvE and PvP compared to hurricane and solar barrage.

Note: this class needs a movement speed buff in passives or in other skill lines. Otherwise this skill will be too easy to avoid.

Enhance: Alter your body to get close to perfection.
Get .............. buffs for ......... seconds. A generic buff skill that you should keep up.

All classes have this stuff. Lazy but mandatory skill. Fill ...... with whatever needed.

Could not find 5th skill.
Waiting recommendations :)

About ULTIMATE: Ultimate have many effects and all of them will be balanced based on other existing ultimates. Because the ultimate is jack of all trades, it will be weaker than other skills compared. Dont forget you need 2 global cooldown to get full effect.

Alteration Mastery: 200 ultimate. gain 2 second total immunity to damage and negative efects. AND augment the next alteration basic skill you cast.

Mass Telekinesis: Pull everyone in to you up to 6meters and stun up to 3 sec in 12 meters. (soul shred)
Mass dragonskin:Give ebonyskin efect to everyone around (will give less effective shield than barrier)
Shard storm Big AoE DoT that minor main people inside (ice staff destro ult)
Perfection: Alter your body in to perfection, gain Major Berserk, protection, expedition and base skill's buffs. (corrosive armor) corrosive's pen~=M. berserk, Corrosive's damage reduction~=2sec immunity + M. protection afterwards.

Closing: I made this for fun. I will post this to general sub after you give some feedback.
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