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Select a guild permanently

Im a member of several guild and each time I access the guild store to put something for sale, the guild is random. So I should use F evertime to select the right one. But Im forgetful and now I put my stuff again up for the wrong one. Is there a way or addon which makes it permanently which guild is chosen at the bankers guild shop?
  • santialonso
    AwesomeGuildStore or Master Merchant, Im not sure which, one of them set your guild by default.
  • Panthermic
    Soul Shriven
    Edited by Panthermic on September 10, 2019 11:12AM
  • Baertram
    I think it's AwesomeGuildStore.
    There is also this addon for the guild bank:

    And if the selection of the guild bank is not already able by keys 1 to 5 via the vanilla UI:
    Edited by Baertram on September 13, 2019 9:56AM
  • Fiewiel
    Im currently using defaultguildbank, I dropped the trade guilds Im member to 1 and so its exactly what I am looking for.
    I noticed that 1 out of 20 times the default guild is not the trade guild, but its still better than the rnd choice of the default one.
    Many thanks @Baertram !
  • Fiewiel
    Ok, Im now using defaultguildbank close to two weeks and IMO its not working as it should. If I go to a bank and open "guild store" around 7/10 its the guild I set with default guild bank. A 70% working addon is borderline useless in my opinion. Ill try to contact the author, maybe I do something wrong or there are known incompatabilities.
  • ErinM31
    This really ought to be a feature in game. You should either be able to set the default or it should default to the last guild accessed. I am baffled that it was designed to select one at random and have mis-listed items for sale as well. :/
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