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Behold Khunzar-Ri's Guile not received

I have just completed Moongrave Fane and the Lair of Maarselok dungeons but did not receive the tablet Behold Khunzar-Ri's Guile. I am very disappointed.

I have both of the trophies for the said dungeons.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Is it possible that this has happened because when I joined Moongrave Fane it was already partially complete?
  • bluebird
    You already answered your question. You need to clear both dungeons to get the Tablet (I did, without issues). You can track the associated achievement 'Scalebreaker Scout' - you'll unlock the reward when you complete it.
  • TruthSeeker
    Yes, thanks, I've just checked my achievements and the first two bosses are not ticked off, therefore Moongrave Fane is not complete and therefore I don't have the Scalebreaker Scout achievement.

    Wish I'd known that when the Activity Finder sent me to a group which was not newly formed.

    Ah well, live and learn. I'm queuing again for the Moongrave Fane quest.
  • Vanionator
    Sorry to necro this, but does it have to be on the same character that got the other tablets? If it is, time to grind.
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