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[PC/EU] Experienced DD/Heal looking for trial group

Hi there, I’ve been on the lookout for a vet trials group but my playtimes are very irregular (Oceania, RIP) so I thought I’d post my playtimes to see if anyone has space. I’m happy to learn and improve my skills.

Details (@RedKialandi)
Parsing around 46-48k on 3mil (With Ele drain)
Healed most vet DLC dungeon HMs, though haven’t healed much in vet trials.
Completed trials are vAA, vHRC, vMOL, vSS and vAS+0. I am also a raid leader for these trials.

My playtime is basically weekdays 10:00pm CEST and onwards, it’s late but if anyone has space and wants a positive team player- would love to join.
Edited by RedKialandi on August 28, 2019 11:46AM
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