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[Bug] Queuing Specifically for Deathmatch, Getting Put in Domination Matches

As title says, this has started happening to myself and a few others. We'll queue up for Deathmatch, and somehow the game manages to put us in Domination matches despite being specifically queued for TDM and TDM only. I know the LFG tool is a dumpster fire but come on, this is embarrassing.

And before anyone asks "well are you sure you queued for Deathmatch and not Domination?" No, I didn't queue for Domination by accident because I literally can't. There is no option in the LFG tool to queue for Domination matches exclusively.


I suspect this is because the BG population is significantly decreased and the game is just saying "screw it, put em in any match," which in itself is pretty telling about the state of BGs and PvP
  • de_la_Dude
    Same thing happened to me last week but opposite. Queued for Land Grab and Flag Games and was placed in a Deathmatch. I would have agreed that it could be due to low population but I didn't wait more than two minutes before it threw me into a match. Smells fishy.
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