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[Videos] Ball Group - Scalebreaker experience

Hi! Casual questers are back! We bring you some pvp videos, hope you will enjoy it!

Some thoughts on this patch:
1. Balance groups are still bis(1/2 stamdens+1/2mNBs)
2. Healing is kinda broken and every group is way more "fat" then before. Why:
1)purge is broken(i realy realy realy hope devs know about this problem, healing/range is not working as intended);
2) Radiant regeneration is a new Vigor for any activity, heals a bit more, can be multiplied on target, low cost. Absolutely "must have" skill for any mag class
3)Springs not gone: its still good to heal close-quarters fights
4)Healing orbs. Omg. This burst heal that every1 can use is strong.
5) Hasty preer. Just good
3. Damage dealing. Here comes interesting part. Proxy det up was good to fight agains big zergs. Damaging orb: yet another wery strong skill, that could be timeline with other synergies that could be used by all group members.
Azureblight. This set was the one i realy wanna try in group environment. First video 0-3:00 shows us using only this set with 5 stamsorc. Avg time to apply 20 stacks: 5,5-7 seconds. Its extra hard to timeline its proc, but very fun to see how it blows. This set is good for some executive, but not for fast-enter kill.
4. Movenent. Rapid is finaly balanced and can be used in group. Works pretty well and can be sloted on stamdens for some support.

P.s. due last thread, toxicity is NOT welcome, put your tears in other threads.
  • Mr_Walker
    Purge is broken?
  • LoreToo
    Mr_Walker wrote: »
    Purge is broken?

    Current range is broken: its not 18 meters like skill says its way more sometimes(looks like 28)
    Current healing is broken: 3 different ppl with absolutly same setup(sorcs with worm+lich+EG and same CP) can see 3 different % of healing on bar (10%-13%-15%) out of combat and in combat, and it feels like 20% max hp healing in fight even without crit.
    So yeah, purge is broken
  • Nermy
    Not very good at lists are you...

    Nice lil'write up about the current game in Cyro. A lot of what you have said we have already found to be good.
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    LoreToo wrote: »
    due last thread, toxicity is NOT welcome, put your tears in other threads.

    fluke, I only came here for the tears...
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  • montiferus
    Watched the first clip and it looked like you outnumbered the group you were fighting and still had a couple of deaths. Stopped watching at that point.
  • LoreToo
  • TriangularChicken
    had no time to watch the whole video yet, is there a clip where you zerged malcolm in IC and made him lose 500k tel var?
  • InvictusApollo
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