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Looking for help completing Normal Asylum Trial EU XBOX ONE

Pvp player in need of some badass Pve players, helping me get through Asylum Normal trial in hopes of getting a 2h weapon. Kindly appreciate anyone who could offer some assistance!
  • KingZeldaMaster
    Have you tried asking around in Craglorn zone chat? I play on the NA server, but people are always forming groups for all of the normal trials. I'm not sure how the population of the EU server compares with the NA population, but if they're at all similar, you should be able to find a group for normal Asylum Sanctorium. The trial is one of the easier to complete if all bosses are done separately, as it happens.

    With that being said, I hope you're able to find a group soon; Craglorn zone chat should get the job done, I think. Good luck! :smile:
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